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Solid Streamz APK Live TV App Download [Latest]

Solid Streamz APK Live TV App Download [Latest]

Download Solid Streamz APK v1.8 for Android to watch live TV for free. provides the latest version of this Android app to watch live TV on the go on your Android device or Windows PC.

This app allows you to enjoy watching live TV channels with your friends and family for absolutely free. You can watch shows from various categories like News, Movies, Stock Market, Sports, Comedy, etc. All these channels are available in various qualities which you can tune according to your data network speed. Yes, HD resolution is available for all the channels which run with no lag or buffer at all. With so many events coming by you definitely need this app to watch soccer, basketball, political events, etc. Solid Streamz comes with a lot of features which makes it easier to use on both big and small screens. Following now we’ll share the best features and tutorials on how to get this application up and running of your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also check out our other tutorial on how to download Solid Streamz for PC.

Official APK file of Solid Streamz can be downloaded directly by clicking the button below. This app is not available on Google Play Store due to developer issues but you can download the official APK from our website. Click the button below to access the download page. You can continue reading the article and know about the various features this app offers. If you want to know how to install this application on your Android smartphone, tablet or any other device we have a tutorial for that too.

Download Solid Streamz APK via AC Market

Solid Streamz, the app you all love and support has now partnered up with one of the best app provide or app marketplace for Android which is AC Market app. This app provides access to a lot of Android apps which are directly not available on the Android Play Store. As you already know, due to some difficulties Solid Streamz is not available on Google Play Store which makes it harder for the people to find it and download it. Therefore, we decided to partner with AC Market which is also a big Android marketplace and you can just search Solid Streamz in the app and download it instantly. So now you have two options, either download the app directly from the download button above or click on this download button below to get AC Market latest version and then search for Solid streamz app in there and press the download button.Download AC Market

Features of SolidStreamz

Search for any TV channel and watch any show at any time!

With the Solid Streamz App, you can watch Live TV at any time anywhere as long as you have a good, stable internet connection. No need to think about looking for links or going through countless ads just to stream a football match. With SolidStreamz you can watch all your shows, ad-free and for free! Hop on today!

More than 1000 channels from all across the globe

If you’re worried that your TV show might not be on, stop burdening yourself. There are more than a 1000 channels available on SolidStreamz including all of the popular ones, so there’s no way you’ll miss out on a TV show cause the channel isn’t available.

Android TV, Fire Stick, and Chromecast integration

With Solid Streamz you can cast your show onto any Android TV, Fire Stick or Chromecast device on the same network as you. With this option on your hands, you’re not simply restricted to watching your favorite shows on your mobile screen. You can cast it upon any of the aforementioned services and continue your viewing experience on the big screen.

Extremely fast servers which work with effectively no delay

Whether it be a live stream of a previously broadcasted TV show you can rest assured that there will be no issues with the Stream at least from the server side, now whether your internet is up to the test in your problem, so make sure you have a good working internet connection before you try to get onto the backs of the devs.

Various languages available

With this app you’re not simply restricted to English, there are multiple language options available and you can select any one of them and enjoy your watching experience.

Mark favourite channels

With the app, you can also set favourite channels that will appear on your home screen every time you log in. There is also a favourites tab where you can access all your favourite channels or TV shows. This comes in handy when you’re in a hurry to catch Live Tv shows, no need to shuffle around go from page to page looking for the channel you need. You can simply mark the channel as a favourite and go find it there every time you log in.

Push notifications everytime a new channel get added

Every time a new channel is added up for streaming you can if so chose to accept them, receive a push notification about the newly added channel.

Requirements for using the Solid Streamz App

  • Multimedia Capable Android device (smartphone, tablet or even tv)
  • Android version 4.0 or higher
  • 10 MB of internal storage space or higher
  • A stable internet connection which will let you stream the shows easily and effectively without lag or buffering

How to install and use Solid Streamz?

Before installing

Before installing or downloading the application apk make sure that you have allowed the system to install applications from unknown sources.

Don’t know how to do that? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll be good to go.

  • Open settings
  • Tap security
  • Enable “Unknown sources” option

Once you’ve followed these three steps you’re good to continue with the installation of the application

How to install Solid Streamz apk

Now, something to note is that the Solid Steamz apk isn’t available on the Google Play Store so you’ll have to download the apk externally, which is why we had to enable the unknown sources in the first place.

Step 1: Download the SolidStreamz apk

You can get the Solid Streamz apk download link if you scroll down and click on the link below.
The download will start. Wait for it to complete and then start the installation process.

Step 2: After the Solid Streamz download

Before installing just make sure that you have the Unknown sources option checked in your setting otherwise you will not be able to install the application at all.

Step 3: Install the app

Tap the downloaded apk and proceed to tap Install.

Once the app is installed you can proceed to watch your favourite channels.

Step 4: Use the app and watch your favourite TV shows.

As you can see on the little screenshot we’ve attached. The top navigation bar has all the languages for you to scroll through, and the list has all the channels that are available in that language. Once you’ve selected a channel you can go through the entire days’ programme and watch that channel Live.

Application Details

Name:Solid Streamz
File Size:13 MB
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.1+
Developer:solidstreamz com

Solid Streamz Password

This app is free for all, you can download the free APK from our site, install it on your Android device as shown in the instructions and start enjoying live Television online. It does not ask for any type of solid streamz password whatsoever. No passwords are asked while downloading, installing or using this app. You can browse the library of hundreds of live TV channels absolutely free of cost. If this app ever asks you for password then you might have downloaded a wrong APK from an untrusted website or source. That APK might have a virus or unethical stuff so it is always suggested to get the original version of the application APK from this site only.

Error: Can’t Play this Link

This is a common error which pops up sometimes in Solid Streamz live TV app for Android. This error can come due to various reasons like if your Internet is not working properly or it is not fast enough to stream that particular channel or your Android smartphone does not support the video codec of the streaming channel. Another reason, for this reason, can be your ISP. Your local Internet Service Provider might have blocked the streaming channel. So To fix can’t play this link error you can try these solutions:

  • Download and Install the latest version of Solid Streamz 1.8.
  • Make sure you have 4G LTE connectivity or decent Wifi connection.
  • Try a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will bypass the block made by ISP.
  • Close all the apps running in the background and try again.

If these solution does not fix the can’t play this link error then it may be because of a server error. You can try after some time and it should be fixed or you can try Solid Streamz for PC until the Android version gets fixed.

Update: We read a lot of comments and we found out the main cause of this error is that the streaming channel is blocked by ISP. The solution to this is using a VPN or changing your ISP. There are many free VPN on play store like Turbo VPN, Free VPN, etc. You can download any one of them. After installing the VPN, connect to a server and then run Solid Streamz. This error will no longer trouble you.


As you can see, the entire process of watching live TV is made really simple using Solid Streamz. You can watch Live TV from over 1000+ channels on your mobile all you need to do is download this apk on your mobile and start your viewing experience.

This app is great in every aspect and right now it is more helpful than ever as there are a lot of events happening all around the world like Soccer World Cup, NFL, Political events, etc. If you have this thing installed you literally don’t have to search for any other free streaming service or pay for watching anything. You can just launch this from your Android app drawer and you are ready to go.

You can get the Solid Streamz apk download link on our website, so you won’t even have to look around the world for a download link, simply visiting our website and following the given instructions should be enough for you to cruise through and install SolidStreamz.

This app really comes in handy with the brilliant set of features on it, like the Android TV, Fire Stick, and Chromecast support and the 1000+ channel catalog that is available with it.

How To Retrieve Deleted Voice Recordings On Android

How To Retrieve Deleted Voice Recordings On Android

Recover Deleted or Lost Voice/Call Recordings From Android By Yourself Using Android Voice Recording Recovery Software!

Accidentally deleted or lost your important voice recordings or call recordings on your Android? Looking for effective voice recorder recovery software for Android?

Just Relax!

Just read this article and you will get best solution on how to retrieve deleted voice recordings on Android phone or tablet.

  • Causes For The Loss or Deletion of Call/Voice Recordings On Android
  • Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Voice/Call Recordings From Android?
  • Best Solution To Recover Deleted or Lost Voice or Call Recordings From Android
  • Steps To Recover Deleted or Lost Voice/Call Recordings From Android
  • Bonus Tips: Backup Voice/Call Recordings And Prevent Deletion of Recordings

Expert Recommended: No matter whatever may be the causes or deletion of voice recordings, the best way to recover deleted voice recording from Android is to use Android Data Recovery which is a perfect Android Voice Recordings Recovery Tool.

With the help of Android Data Recovery software, you can:

  • Recover deleted, lost, erased, missing or disappeared voice and call recordings from Android.
  • Recover deleted voice call recordings (saved in Audio file format) from various App such as Automatic Call Recorder, Call Recorder – ACR, All Call Recorder Lite 2018, etc.
  • Retrieve deleted voice recordings received in audio file format via voicemail messages, WhatsApp, Viber, KIK, LINE, etc.
  • Also restore different audio file formats, text messages, voice memo, notes, contacts, call history, documents and more.
  • Extract deleted voice call and recordings from phone’s internal storage and external SD card.
  • Preview recoverable audio voice recording files within preview screen of the software for free before final recovery.

Free Download/Buy Now Android Voice Recordings Recovery Tool By Clicking On The Button Below

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android, is a capable recovery solution for Android smartphones. It allows you to directly recover deleted data from SD cards inside Android devices.

With Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android you can recover SMS text messages and contacts; retrieve photos, video, audio, and documents that have been lost due to all manner of situations; whether that be file deletion, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, or rooting the device. – Reviewed By FILEHIPPO

With Android phone we can do lots of tasks. With this device we can record call or voice recordings with voice recorder app, video recordings, play music, take pictures, voice call, video call, etc.

With Android device, we can also sends voice messages via apps like WhatsApp, Viber, KIK, LINE, HIKE and so on.

One can also record audio or download podcast from the internet. You would like to save important voice recordings and other audio files within the device.

One can find voice recordings on Android either in internal storage or on external SD card.

Just look to the following path:

  • Applications/my files/sounds.
  • On your SD card: go to File manager> SD card> Voice Recorder Folder.

Also you can check the location if you go to the voice recorder — list of recordings — long click on one of the recordings — Details — check the location.

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But what if your important recordings or voice call get accidentally deleted or lost? Then, how do you recover deleted voice recording from Android? Or how do you retrieve deleted call recordings from Android?

Just have a look at practical scenario mentioned-below!

Practical Scenario: How To Retrieve Deleted Call Recordings From Automatic Call Recorder

Tell me a way to recover deleted call recordings from automatic call recorder(appliqato)

I have tried many apps to recover the call recordings but couldn’t recover..

Also I am using recycle master in my phone but if I delete call recordings from this recorder it will not shown in recycle master too…

Source: Android Central Forums

Similarly, there are many users out there encountering loss of voice or call recording on their Android device. There could be several causes for the deletion of loss of call/voice recordings. Some of the common causes are mentioned-below.

Causes For The Loss or Deletion of Call/Voice Recordings On Android

  • One of the major causes is accidental deletion.
  • When user, factory reset their Android device then all data gets erased on their phone, including all voice and call recordings.
  • While moving recordings files to some other location and all of a sudden your device gets switched off.
  • Sometimes the malfunction of third-party app can also result in loss of voice recordings.
  • Virus or malware infection can also corrupt your recordings and make them inaccessible.
  • Other causes can be OS update failure, rooting, ROM flashing, water damaged, screen broken, forgotten screen lock password/pattern lock and so on.

In any of the above-mentioned causes you may face loss or deletion of voice or call recordings in the form of video and audio on your Android phone and tablet.

So, now the question is – is it possible to recover lost or deleted voice recordings or call recordings from Android? The answer is given below!

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Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Voice/Call Recordings From Android?

The short answer is “Yes”, with the help of third-party Android Data Recovery software, it is possible to get back deleted voice call or video call recordings from the Android until and unless they do not get overwritten with new data.

Actually the deleted or lost recordings are still available in the device, it simply marks the space and empty and hence it is invisible. On that empty space you can add new data. Hence, it is suggested that you must stop using your Android and do not add any new kind of data on it. Adding new data will overwrite the existing data and you will lose the chance for recovery or may be unrecoverable.

Best Solution To Retrieve Deleted or Lost Voice or Call Recordings From Android

Many users have question in their mind – what is the best voice recordings recovery software for Android?

Well, the wait is over! With Android Data Recovery which is professional as well perfect Voice Recordings Recovery Software that will help you to retrieve deleted or lost voice recordings and call recordings from Android phone and tablet.

This deleted call recording recovery software for Android allow to scan your device and retrieve the voice recordings in the audio file format such as AMR, WAV, AAC, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, M4A, etc and video recordings in the form of MP4, 3GP, MPEG-4, AVI, WEBM, etc.

The best part about this Android Audio Voice Recorder Recovery Tool is that it extracts recordings files from phone’s internal memory as well as external SD card. And it is available for both Windows and Mac computer that you can download by clicking on the button below.

This deleted call recording recovery software is powerful and has the capability to restore recorded phone calls that was saved in your Android phone but now got deleted from various call recorder apps such as Automatic Call Recorder, Cube Call Recorder ACR, Call Recorder – ACR, Call Recorder, Call Recorder By Quality Apps, RMC: Android Call Recorder, Call Recorder By Recorder & Smart Apps, All Call Recorder Lite 2018, Smart Auto Call Recorder, Super Call Recorder, etc.

The software support all Android phones and tablets available in the market such as Xiaomi Redmi, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, Google Pixel, Meizu and other Android phones models and brands.

Below, follow the complete tutorial on how to recover deleted voice recordings from Androidmobile device by using Android Data Recovery tool.

Steps To Recover Deleted or Lost Voice/Call Recordings From Android

Step 1 – Connect Your Android Phone

Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery on your computer and then select “Recover”option.

Now connect your Android device to your PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone.

If your phone is running on Android OS 4.2.2 or higher version, then you will get pop up message on your phone, simply tap OK to allow USB debugging.

Once your device gets connected, you will see the screen as shown below.

Step 2 – Select File Types For Scanning

Once, your phone gets connected, Android Data Recovery will display the file types that its support to recover. By default, the software has check marked all the file types. Here you can select the file types that you want to recover and then click on “Next” to proceed further with recovery process.

After this, the software will provide two options (only for non-rooted device): Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. Scan for all files will take longer time, but it will scan your device thoroughly. Now click on “Next” to continue with the data recovery process.

The software will analyze your device first.

Android Data Recovery software will now scan your device to recover lost/deleted data. This process may take few minutes of time. Just wait for scanning process to get complete.

Step 4 – Preview and Recover Deleted Data From Android Devices

Once, the scanning process gets complete. You can now preview the recoverable files one by one. Select the files that you want back and then click on “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

Bonus Tips: Backup Voice/Call Recordings And Prevent Deletion of Recordings

To handle unexpected or accidental deletion of voice or call recordings from Android, it is strongly recommended that you must backup all important voice call recordings of audio recordings to some other location.

However, the best practice to backup Android data is to use Backup and Restore software. It will help you to back all audio and video files from your Android to PC. Later you can easily restore them back on your device when you encounter unexpected deletion.

Tips To Avoid Deletion of Voice Recordings

  • While you select unwanted voice recordings to delete, check it twice that you are deleting the right voice recordings and you don’t want it anymore.
  • Always make a habit of backing up important data of your Android to some other locations.
  • Keep a reliable and updated antivirus program to avoid virus or malware infection.


Since there could be various causes for the loss or deletion of voice or call recordings on Android. Hence, you have to be ready with deleted voice recordings recovery solutions to handle such unexpected loss.

So, the best Android voice/call recordings recovery is the Android Data Recovery software that will help you to restore deleted voice and call recordings from Android phone and tablet.

Root Browser Apk

Root Browser Apk

Root Browser is a file management tool aimed only at users of ‘rooted’ Androids. The reason is that the app grants access to many features that you can’t use without superuser privileges. 

Apart from the exclusive features for root users, Root Browser gives you basically the same tools as you’d find on any good file browser: you can copy, cut, and move files and folders comfortably, as well as rename any document. 

Other interesting options that Root Browser provides include the possibility to choose the attributes of any file (read, write, run) or compress multiple documents into a single file. In addition, you can search for content from any APK or ZIP file. 

Root Browser is an ultimate file manager for the rooted Android devices. Root Browser apk is a free Android app which was created by Jrummy of JRummy Apps Inc. Root browser lite apk helps in exploring various Android apps and thus takes the control over the different functioning of the Android devices. It also enables you to access various internal files of your rooted Android devices. It is a perfect app which allows you to edit various properties and functioning of the Android devices such as copy, paste, delete, move, etc. Root browser apk also helps you make changes in the ownership and permissions of the preinstalled apps.

The interface of root browser is also very user-friendly so that it can be readily available for everyone. You can also create shortcuts for the various files, folders, and directories so that you can easily access them from the homepage of your Android device.Root browser apk

Root browser apk is a perfect app which offers you the privilege of choosing various attributes to a file, or it can also be used to compress multiple files to produce a single compound file. It is the best file manager which can easily work with all rooted devices. It is a free app which can help you in exploring each single file, folder, and directory of your android device so that you can easily make access to them. It is a fantastic app which offers you the best services and allows you to access and modify various files. To know more details on downloading and features can follow here.

Root Browser – Download Root Browser Apk 2017

Features Of Root Browser Lite,

Root Browser apk also gives you the best features which make it best among all. Some of the fantastic characters of the Root Browser apk are:Root Browser file manager features

  • It includes two file manager panels so as to enable you to get access to more Android applications.
  • It allows you to make modification in the current files such as copy, paste, delete, move, rename, zip etc.
  • It enables you to explore various internal files so as to provide you the best results.
  • It also allows you to make changes in the file permissions and ownerships.
  • It allows you to view or edit any file anytime.
  • It also allows you to change the theme of the files and folders by just making double tap at the home button.
  • Root Browser also allows you to create delete folders so as you can make access to different deleted files or folders.
  • It also helps in adding new files and folders to any dictionary.
  • You can bookmark any folder so that whenever you want to get access to that particular folder, you can easily get that.
  • Root Browser also helps you to execute script files so that you can make changes in them.
  • It allows you to sort different records and folders according to their name, size, and date.
  • It provides you the list of files and folders with thumbnails for images so that you can easily access them.
  • The Root browser app also allows you to send various files through email.
  • Root browser also allows you to rename different records and folders.
  • It allows you to make clockwork recovery support for the zipped files and folders.
  • It also allows you to open and explore different records and folders along with the other documents and folders.
  • The root browser also includes search feature which allows you to search for different files and folders.

Root browser is a clone of one of the best file manager for rooted Android phones, that is called as Root Explorer – download root explorer apk from the official website.

How To Use Root Browser Apk?

The functioning of the Root Browser lite app is same as that of any file application manager. It includes a very user-friendly interface so that you can easily make access to each file, folder, and directory of your Android device. The Root browser works well with the rooted android devices. It includes various functions like tap, drag and selects multiple files side by side. Once you have drawn on a file you can perform different functions such as: Open with, Copy, Delete, Move, Rename, Archive, Properties, permissions, ownership, and create a shortcut. You can also use other file manager apps like Mixplorer app for Android to get started.Root browser lite

You can even change the permissions and ownership of the files and folders on your Android devices by just clicking on the purchase button. Creating alternative will form a new icon of that file, folder or directory on the home screen of your Android device. The various functions of this android app are self-explanatory and describe the functions by their names. Remember Root Browser apk needs active root access to work perfectly, we highly recommend you to root your device using any one-click rooting apps like framaroot – download framaroot apk from the offocial webiste.

How to Download Root Browser APK for Android?

Root browser app is available at Google Play Store from where you can easily download it to your Android devices and can enjoy the unlimited fun. The process of downloading and installation of this Android app is very easy and requires few minutes. For downloading the app from the Google Play Store you just have to select the desired version from the list of options provided by the app and click on the download option which will automatically launch the Root browser to your Android device.

The process will take a fraction of the time. Once the download has been completed, you can easily manage different files and folders on your Android devices. Open the root browser apk and just click on the desired function which you want to perform.

Download Root Browser

  1. Download the root browser apk from the above link.
  2. Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable or tick “Unknown sources” to install the root browser app.
  3. Navigate to the downloads folder & locate rootbrowser.apk.
  4. Open the file and tap next.
  5. Click install followed by doing!

That’s now you have successfully installed Root browser apk in your Android device.!


Root browser apk perfect app which works as the other file managers and hence helps in editing various functions of the files, folders, and directories. It can even change the permissions and the ownerships of the preinstalled apps, create a shortcut for the files, move, create, delete, and rename files. It is free of cost app which is the best competitor for the Root Explorer app. It includes a very user-friendly and minimalistic interface so that you can easily access different files and folders from your Android devices.

Root browser apk supports different versions of the Android devices. It also supports cloud support and can be easily installed from the Google Play Store. It is a perfect app in the market which allows you to perform various functions as a file manager in just one click. It is a fantastic app which you will surely love at first glance.

Root Browser is a fantastic file browser that’s very useful for anyone with a rooted device. It offers everything a good Android file explorer should, along with a bunch of extra features.

WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK | WifiKill APP Free Download 2018!

WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK | WifiKill APP Free Download 2018!

WifiKill is the best Wifi Controller app for any Android Device. It can cut off other internet connections in any wifi network. There are many WifiKill Pro APK versions available on the web. Among them, WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK is the latest version of WIfiKill APP. It is the only stable version after Wifikill APK 1.7. WifiKill APK download full free is available on our site.

We all know that WIfiKill is the app developed by the XDA app developer “bponury“. It is the best app for reducing bandwidth misuses. Suppose, you are connected to a shared wifi network. The speed of the network is too bad to describe. In this time WifiKill will help you out in gaining speed by kicking other connections or blocking them. You can also monitor the data usage of the connected device.

Looking for WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK?

WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK is not available on Google Play Store(Formerly-Android Market) like other apps (VidMate or TubeMate). As it is mainly a root app with some script running states, some of the Antivirus will detect it as a virus! But don’t tense, if you download the WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK from any trusted site, you are safe. There are also other fake WifiKill APPs over the internet(Like- Fake SnapTube Pro APK). Some of them are so much harm to make your device laggy.

So, always try to download WifiKill APP from any trusted site, like-

Download WifiKill Pro APK 2.3.2 (Official and Safe)

There are lots of improvement in the WifiKill Pro APK 2.3.2. The most amazing feature of this app is that there are an “all grab” button on the bottom of the APP. You can now quickly grab all the connected devices at once. The user interface of the wifikill 2.3.2 is also more user-friendly more functionality has been added.

Details of  WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK:

Package Name: wifikill.net_wifikill_apk_2.3.2_safe.apk
Version: 2.3.2 (2032)
Size: 0.47 MB (496,659 bytes)
Supported OS: Android 4.0 to Android 7.0+
MD5: f54ad796016ec35bceefde9fc5e10cc7
Updated: October 3, 2014

Features of WifiKill APP 2.3.2

➡ WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK is a complete freeware app. You need to pay any single penny for using wifi kill app.

➡ It can cut off anyone internet connection, connected to a same/shared wifi network. The kill effectiveness is increased in this version

➡ WifiKill APK can also gather information about the connected device in the wifi network. The basic information of the Device network system (Like- NetBIOS Name) can be found.

➡ This APP can help you in reducing the bandwidth leeching done by the other person. You can control the usage of your wifi data.

➡ WifiKill 2.3.2 added a new blocking system named “UDP Protocol Blocking”. You can block any UDP protocol by this APP.

➡It can make an URL listing of the connected device. And can sort these in many ways.

➡You can browse any URL showing from the other device by long pressing on the URL. 

➡ WifiKill PRO 2.3.2 APK is the latest build of WifiKill APP. Many other bugs from WifiKill Pro APK 2.2 are fixed in this version.

How to Use WifiKill?

After downloading the WifiKill APP, you may search for “How to Use WifiKill?”. Using WifiKill APP is very much easy! If you are first-time in WifiKill app, you will also find this app easier to use. The functions and the options of WifiKill are understandable for any newbie user. There are also specific procedures for using the APP. WifiKill APP 2.3.2 is a User-Friendly app. The install process with how to use WifiKill is provided below.
Click to see the Steps->

What’s New in WifiKill 2.3.2?

There are many fixes in the WifiKill Pro 2.3.2 APK, included. In the last build of WifiKill, we had seen many bugs and limitations. This version fixed the bugs with lots of incrediblefeatures. Among them some are significant. Like-

💥 Improved grab/kill the effectiveness of the APP.
💥 Fixed killing problem due to IP tables rules!
💥 Grab all button behavior and status device count.
💥 Fixed URL list scrolling issue.
💥 Fixed some devices missing from start.
💥 Added UDP Protocol Blocking.
💥 Fixed Force-Close when device name was empty.
💥 Minimized Service Fail upon start.

Other Version of WifiKill APP:

There are many version of WifiKill APP available on the internet. We do also provide all of the version of the WifiKill app, regarding the new one also the old versions too. If you are looking for any previous version of WifiKill APP, then got to the link below-

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the game that confirms the reign of the sage Modern Combat as the best FPS games for portable devices. Yes, it’s similar to Modern Warfare both name and game, and that’s good.

It’s amazing, specially when played on a Samsung Galaxy SII. Graphics make it look better than any other FPS for mobile phones, the story is good enough and multiplayer is simply excellent.

It offers a campaign mode divided in 13 missions placed in different locations between Pakistan and Los Angeles in which we’ll pilot helicopters, drive trucks and, of course shoot using a good range of weapons to kill all those enemies.

This game requires 1.37 GB of free storage space. Free Direct Download new version from ReXdl

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation The best smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and apocalyptic battles.

PocketGamer: “A stellar combination of graphics, entertaining action, and robust multiplayer.”

The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.


  • Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan.
  • Witness multiple memorable moments thanks to AAA scenario-scripting.
  • Experience different types of gameplay: escort, destroy, helicopter, 4×4 chase, etc.


  • The deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay on smartphones improved once again, now with a sprint and slide feature.
  • Gaze upon next-gen GFX that allow for an unprecedented rendering of environments.
  • Improved SFX and voice acting will immerse you in an apocalyptic scenario.


  • Enter battles for up to 12 players in 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes.
  • Use your customized weapons to move up an addictive leaderboard with more than just ranks.

Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.


Minor bug fixes.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. “” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

Enemy AI is not the best you’ve ever seen, but that simplicity makes the campaign mode to be a good way to practice to enter the big point of the game: Multiplayer.

MC3: Fallen Nation features the best multiplayer experience for an Android game we’ve ever played.

Online mutltiplayer is the feature that allows users to take the most out of those games they love and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation offers a multiplayer experience that has delighted all of us.

It takes advantage of the basis offered by Modern Combat 2 and powers it up to offer us a great way to enjoy killing enemies in battles of up to 12 players in 6 maps and 7 different game modes.

In short, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is a must have for all FPS fans.

Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK – Download {Unlimited Sun & Coins} for Android (2019)

Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK – Download {Unlimited Sun & Coins} for Android (2019)

There are a lot of android games that are rising in the world of gaming. Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK is one of them. There are a lot of reasons of its popularity among people. I know many of you also want to play this game. So, sit down relax because we are going to explore some amazing features of this incredible horror game.

Almost everyone play games because games are easily available if you have android mobile. With just one click, you can play your favorite game in mobiles. Games are become a source of people entertainment nowadays. In short, we can say that gaming becomes the favorite hobby for people. I am sure you are also one of them.Download FilePlants Vs Zombies Introduction Plans Vs Zombies game was released by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2009. This game has now many parts and all of them are available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. EA is one of the biggest gaming companies. This company was found in 1982. Till now, they released thousands of games for people and almost all of them are appreciated by the people. Before smart phones, they launched computer, play station or Xbox games because these were the only source of playing games. After the release of smart phones, they also start releasing smart phone games. This step was the biggest step for this company and because of this decision, this company is now biggest company of games.

Contents [show]Game Screen Shotsplants vs zombies apkplants vs zombies downloadplants vs zombies for android  Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK 

This Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK is basically an action game where you have to kill the zombies with your resources. There are a lot of zombies trying to reach city and you have to stop them for reaching their destination. In normal game, you have some resources and you can kill zombies from using them. The more you kill the zombies, your resources will increase.

If we talk about Mod Version of Plants Vs Zombies, you’ll get unlimited resources which can use for killing the zombies. No matter how much resources you’ll use in Plants Vs Zombies APK Mod, your resources will never decrease. You can easily finish any level if you have unlimited coins and suns.

Many different stages are waiting for you that will give you though competition. You have to make a strong strategy to complete the levels. Not only resources will help, you have to make your strategy also. Only then you can kill zombies in less time. But once you did it, you’ll be addict to this game.

This Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK will not miss a single chance to give you surprises and thrills during the whole game. So, if you’re ready then you don’t need to waste much time. Just download and enjoy the game with a whole new level.Game Details

Android Requirements4.1 & Above
Ram Requirements1 GB
Size65 MB

You all may think that why you’ll play this Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK for android game while there are other many games available? Well that’s good thinking because you have rights to know about it. There are many reasons to play this Plants Vs Zombies game.

If you want to get thrill or you love to play horror games, then this game is perfect for you. The features of this game are incredible and perfect that can attract anyone. This is simple game, even kids can also play it. You don’t need to waste your time to build tough strategy. Just make a simple decision and you’ll complete the levels.

The other biggest reason is reviews, this Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK has million reviews and almost all of them are positive. So, it is clear that everyone who played this game, is become a fan of it. So, what are you waiting for, just download and explore the cool features. Because features decide about the game popularity and this game is providing you a lot of interesting things. That is why this game is still popular after many years.Game Features

Everyone wants to know features of every game. Means they want to know the deep details of the game which they are going to play. So without wasting much time, let’s come to the point and discuss Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK features.


In mod version, you’ll get unlimited suns and coins which can be helpful for you to achieve your goal and complete the levels easily. You’ll get the latest mod version from here. So, download it and get your job easily done.


Suns are your one of the most important resources in this game. If you have suns, you can kill more zombies and stopping them from entering the city. You can increase your suns by finishing the levels.


Coins are other most important resources in plants Vs zombies. You can attack with more power if you have coins. You don’t need to be worry about coins because in modded version, you’ll find unlimited coins which you can use for free.


There are almost 50 levels that are waiting for you. Every level is different and tough from other. You’ll enjoy these levels because you have to make different planning to finish them like a pro. I am sure you’ll enjoy all the levels.


In today’s world, everyone wants good graphics because of big smart phone screens. If the graphics are good, people will attract more to game, movie or anything else. This game provides you high quality graphics which we called HD or HQ graphics. In such graphics, the stages will be more fantastic and present amazing view to the users. So, if you want to explore a high resolution graphics game, you’ll go for this android game.


If the controls are accurate, user will enjoy more during the game play. Here you’ll experience 95% accurate game controls which is the best thing for a gamer. So, you’ve another reason to play this game as its controls are amazing and provide you accuracy.


The sound will definitely give you thrill because you can hear every little thing sound clearly. Now you can explore best graphics and best sound quality in one game. I am sure you can’t wait more to download and play this super game in your big smart phone screens.


Everyone wants to have full plants in this android game. So, I have good news for you that you have all plants unlocked in this mod game which you can use according to your planning or strategy. I know you’re more excited for this game now.


Basically this mod version is hacked version of Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK for android or IOS. Because in both situations, you have unlimited resources of this game. It’s up to you what name you’ll give to this version.

No Cool Down

The downloading process of Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK is very quick and short. You just have to click the download button and then the file will be start downloading in your smart phone. Make sure you have enough memory for this game because if your mobile won’t have enough memory, you’ll face errors during the downloading process. With this simple and easy step, you can get this amazing entertaining game.How to Install Plants Vs Zombies Mod?

  • 1st thing you need to do is to download Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK file
  • Now go to your mobile settings
  • Click to the security option
  • There you’ll see “Allow installation from unknown resources”. Just enable this option
  • Go back to the APK file and install it
  • Now enjoy the game

Plants Vs Zombies Mod for PC

If you want to play this game on PC or laptop, you have to install software that can run android apps. After installing software, just download this app there and install it. The game will be run in your PC and you can enjoy the game with big screen. With these basic steps, you can run any android game on PC. Make sure your computer Ram is 4GB or 6GB because if your Ram is less, you’ll face a lot of lagging which I am sure you don’t want to be face. So, check ram before installing software.How to Install OBB Data File?

If you want to use OBB files, then you need to extract these files from any app which can extract zip files. Now move your OBB files to the game folder in the file manager. After that, open the game and you can use your OBB files data during the game. But if you are using Mod version, you don’t need these files because there will be already unlimited resources available for you.Plants Vs Zombies Mod for IOS

Good news for IOS users because this amazing Plants Vs Zombies mod is also available for iPhone & iPad devices. A huge number of IOS users play this game. So they also want to get unlimited everything in this game. So, this is the best opportunity for them also to take benefit from this game.Android Requirements

This game is light and you can play this game in any version of android smart phone. I am sure you all are using latest technology android operating system. If not then it’s OK, this game will work best in all devices. Let’s have a look on which versions this Plants Vs Zombie Mod APK can run.

Android OS

  • Android 4.1+ (Kitkat)
  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Android 9.0 (Pie)

Android Ram & Rom

If we talk about android memory, this game is light version and contains only 65 MB. The android Ram should be at least 1GB. If your mobile have all these features, then you don’t need to be worry. You just have to enjoy the game.Important FAQ’s

Is Plants Vs Zombies Free?

Yes, this game is absolutely free for everyone in all countries.

Can You Play Plants Vs Zombies on PC?

Yes, it is true that you can play it on PC or Laptop easily.

Can You Play Plants Vs Zombies without Internet?

Yes, this game is available in offline mod and you can play it without internet.

Do You Need Xbox Live to Play Plants Vs Zombies?

No, this game doesn’t require Xbox live or gold to run.

Is Plants Vs Zombies Mod Trusted?

As this mod is also available in offline mod, so it is trusted to be use for everyone.


So, this was our guide about Plants Vs Zombies Mod APK for you people. Hope you’ll like it and will definitely test it. After seeing many features, it is clear that this game is something that everyone wants to use. You’ll be surprised of how much this game is rising among people. According to research, there are millions of people who are fond of this game. Yes, you hear it right, millions of people regularly play and enjoy their spare time or holiday. They also give this game to their children because this game helps kids to active their mind.

We all know that kids love games, so if we give them such strategic games, definitely these games will be helpful for them and they will learn how to make better decisions. Many people take this game as challenge and therefore they love to play it in their free time. So, if you’re not playing this game, you are missing big things in your life. I suggest you to start playing this game and enjoy your free time. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section. We’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this game with your friends and family.

World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK (Everything Unlocked)

World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK (Everything Unlocked)

Do you love to play cricket? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Because today in this article, I am going to write about one of the most famous cricket game named as World Cricket Championship 2. This game has already held so many awards such as Best Android Smartphone games of 2K16 by Google Play Store and Top game according to time spent by App Annie. Also, the game has a lot to talk about, and I have included all of the essential things about this game in this article.

So, World Cricket Championship 2 also known as WCC2 is one of the top-rated smartphone game on 2k16 and still if you talk about its fanbase, It has more than 10 million installs on google play store. If we talk about the user interface, World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK comes with a pretty clean and high graphical user interface. The gameplay is fascinating. You can select the format of the game between TEST, ODI and T20’s. Also, you can select both of the teams along with players. You can play many championships such as World Cup and Blitz Series. Even you can enjoy the commentary while playing the game. But I have seen that the game has so many in-app purchases, and another thing that annoys me are its commercial advertisements. That is the reason today I am sharing World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK with you. So, you can enjoy every premium feature of this fantastic game.

In this World Cricket Championship 2 v2.8.5.1 MOD APK, I have modded every feature of this game. So, you can enjoy every series unlocked such as Blitz tournament, world cup, and many other tournaments and one of the most awaited features of this game is automate bowling and batting. Also, this latest WCC2 MOD APK comes with more than 45 iconic cricket shots including the Helicopter shot, Uppercut, and Dil-Scoop. There are other lots of more features have been unlocked in this MOD APK.

Direct Download WCC 2 Mod Apk + Obb

WCC 2 Original Apk

Download WCC 2 Mod Apk

Download WCC2 OBB File

Features of World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK:

This latest MOD APK is loaded with so many features that we have missed in WCC. I have listed all of them and also included premium features that we have unlocked in this WCC2 MOD APK.

More New Cricketing Shots and Bowling Action- This World Cricket Championship MOD APK comes with more than 60 different shots and 8+ different bowling action. It includes many iconic shots such as Helicopter shot by Dhoni, Sachin’s uppercut and Dilshan’s Dil-Scoop. Also, you will get two different batting modes, classic, and pro.

Tournament Unlocked- One of the famous tournament of WCC and WCC2 is blitz tournament, but the sad part is, you have to unlock it by purchasing. But today in this MOD you will get blitz tournament unlocked along with many other tournaments of different formats.

Graphics- Now this is the main part every gamer search for. If you are talking about graphics, then this game won’t disappoint you at all. The latest version of the game is packed with many real graphics experiences. The latest WCC2 APK loads with electrifying fielding such as diving catches and throws and realistic pitches like dusty, green and dead. For making the game more realistic, in the latest version of the game, players can get injured if they select any wrong shots.

Versatile Team and location selection- World Cricket Championship 2 Latest MOD APK is packed with 18 international teams and 10 Domestic teams. Also, it comes with more than 24 different stadium location and ground according to them which gives you real gaming experiences. Many of them are locked ones, but we have unlocked all of the stadiums in this MOD APK.

Multiple cricket tournaments- World cup cricket is packed with Test series, more than four championships including World cup, Blitz tournament, World T20 and ODI series and many more hot events. And in this MOD APK, we have unlocked them so you can enjoy them all.

Excellent Camera Positioning- For providing the premium view, the latest version of WCC2 comes with various camera locations. Now you can see a match from the batsman side as well from the bowler’s end. Also, you will get a 3D wagon wheel for a dynamic range of data and Hawk-eye for bowling summary to check the LBW decisions. Even, you will get multiple camera angles with slow motion replays.

Night matches with LED stumps- WCC2 is packed with night tournaments too and these night tournaments are played with LED stumps.

Many more controls- The latest World cup cricket 2 full apk comes with so many customizations that a player can make. You can set the team of playing 11; you can save and share highlights of the game generated at the end of the match, field placements, and many more other features.

No Root Required- For installing this MOD APK, you don’t need to root your android device. You just need to install this game correctly, and that’s it.

Ads Free- I know many of you relate to me that Ads annoys most while playing games. But now you don’t have to worry about that because in this MOD APK you will not get any of the Ads popping up.

So, these were some of the features that are included in the World Cup Cricket 2 MOD APK. You may also like GTA San Apk For Android.

WCC2 Unlocked Game MOD APK File Information

File Size21.4 MB + 119.1 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and Above
DeveloperNextwave Multimedia
Latest Versionv2.8.5.1
Last UpdatedApril 12, 2019

Download World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK+ OBB DATA

In this WCC 2 MOD APK, we have unlocked all of the premium features that a player wants to play. Also, this MOD WCC2 APK comes with unlimited money, so if in case there will be something which we have to forget to unlock, you can buy them. The graphic of the game is the main part, and for making the game more realistic, they have included commentary option in two different languages in Hindi and English.

So, we are in the download section of the article, and I know that you are eagerly waiting for the download links to download this MOD APK of World Cricket Championship. So, below are the download links of World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK + OBB DATA.

Hope you have downloaded all of the required files from the download links of WCC 2 MOD APK given above. And Now you can install this MOD game on your device and enjoy this unlimited MOD.

But If you are not comfortable with installing modded APK’s or setting up data and searching for an easy to understand guide, then I am here for helping you in that. So, below I have included a simple and step by step guide on How to install MOD APK of WCC2 with it’s OBB properly. Recently, we have also shared Shadow Fight 3 Mod.

Steps to Install World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK:

So, this is the installation section of this article where I am going to provide a simple guide on How to Install World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK. Make sure that you have downloaded all of the required files from the download section above.

  • The file that you have downloaded from the download section above is a .rar compressed file, so you need to extract it before proceeding the installation process. If your file explorer doesn’t support to extract files, try using ES File Explorer on your android smartphone.
  • After extracting the compressed file, you will get two files. First one will be an APK file and the second one will be a compressed file containing the OBB data.
  • Now disable your internet connection. Don’t worry you can enable it after installing the game.
  • Now you have to start installing the APK file but don’t open it.
  • Now, this is the crucial part of this installation. So, go to the android’s primary storage and check that the OBB folder is available or not. If there is an OBB folder, then it is good to go, but if that is missing, you have to create a folder there.
  • Now extract the folder comes with the APK file and copy com.nextwave.wcc2 file and paste it into the OBB folder we have recently created.
  • Now restart your device and Open World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK and start playing that.

Final Words

Like all other games, World Cricket Championship 2 also comes with some limitations. The free version is good enough, but gamers always wait for something new and playing the same level, again and again, is not interesting at all, while some premium features can do magic in that game. I know how it feels when you want to use a premium feature and not able to use just because that feature is paid. That’s why we are here with this World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK so you can enjoy almost every paid feature without spending bucks on it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog Techylist to get latest updates about Android mod apps and games.

Hope you guys love this article and If you think it is useful, share it with your friends. Also, if you are facing any issue while downloading this World Cricket Championship 2 Unlimited Money MOD apk or have any question related to the installation of this game, kindly share with us in the comment section below. Our team and I will be happy to assist you.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Are you tired of waiting and waiting for your downloads to be finished? This will become history thanks to Internet Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager is a very useful tool with which you will be able to duplicate the download speed, the remaining times will be reduced.

It is very easy to use and it is developed under a intuitive interface that will be used by experts and novices.

Internet Download Manager includes all necessary features to make easier and faster the download process even for novice users.

IDM+ features:

• Ad free
• Dark and Light themes
• Direct Download to SD card (Should work on Android 4.5 as well)
• Pause and Resume feature with supported links
• Pause all / Start all / Remove all options to save time
• Unlimited retry support with custom delay
• Download are not stopped if app is closed
• Wifi only download support
• Smart error handling so you don’t loose any data
• Download scheduler to schedule your downloads
• Import download links from a text file
• Export download links
• Import download link from clipboard
• Open/Share downloaded files
• Extended Notifications with download progress (Combined as well as individual)
• Supports vibration and notification sound on download completion
• Supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, programs etc
• Support multiple web browsers, including: Default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox etc
• Sort files by name, size, date and categorize by types and time

• Upto 5 simultaneous downloads
• Multi part downloading – upto 16 simultaneous parts per download
• Support for proxies (with or without authentication)
• Speed limiter to limit speed of downloads (Global as well as individual)
• Refresh expired links (Direct or using inbuilt browser)
• Download password protected files
• Calculate MD5 checksum

• Built-in web browser with support for multiple tabs, history and bookmarks
• Incognito browsing mode
• Download by automatically catching links of MUSIC/VIDEO from your favorite websites

Please note that DOWNLOADING FROM YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED due to their terms of service

Clarification for Access Permissions:

• Network Connection (Internet Access) is for downloading file
• Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for storing downloaded data
• Control Vibration: create vibrating effect for necessary notification
• Wake lock to stop device from going into sleep mode while downloading is in progress

Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing of any file protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of our App.

If you like the app please rate 5 star 


Fixed notification issue
Other Bug fixes
Translation update

!!! Coming Soon !!!
Smart download support for / TikTok, Facebook and Twitter (similar to Instagram)
50+ features requested by you
Browser revamp
Quicker access to the browser


Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
Encrypted all resources
Support for armv7 only
Analytics Disabled
Languages: En, Ru

You only have to set the URL of the file you want to download or include a shortcut in your web browser. Once you have inserted the URL you can choose the kind of file (general, document, music, video, programs or compressed file).

It can download several files and file segments simultaneously, pause and resume downloads with a single click, recover broken downloads from unexpected power shutoff or network related problems, and it can take over downloads from Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape.