Root Browser Apk

Root Browser Apk

Root Browser is a file management tool aimed only at users of ‘rooted’ Androids. The reason is that the app grants access to many features that you can’t use without superuser privileges. 

Apart from the exclusive features for root users, Root Browser gives you basically the same tools as you’d find on any good file browser: you can copy, cut, and move files and folders comfortably, as well as rename any document. 

Other interesting options that Root Browser provides include the possibility to choose the attributes of any file (read, write, run) or compress multiple documents into a single file. In addition, you can search for content from any APK or ZIP file. 

Root Browser is an ultimate file manager for the rooted Android devices. Root Browser apk is a free Android app which was created by Jrummy of JRummy Apps Inc. Root browser lite apk helps in exploring various Android apps and thus takes the control over the different functioning of the Android devices. It also enables you to access various internal files of your rooted Android devices. It is a perfect app which allows you to edit various properties and functioning of the Android devices such as copy, paste, delete, move, etc. Root browser apk also helps you make changes in the ownership and permissions of the preinstalled apps.

The interface of root browser is also very user-friendly so that it can be readily available for everyone. You can also create shortcuts for the various files, folders, and directories so that you can easily access them from the homepage of your Android device.Root browser apk

Root browser apk is a perfect app which offers you the privilege of choosing various attributes to a file, or it can also be used to compress multiple files to produce a single compound file. It is the best file manager which can easily work with all rooted devices. It is a free app which can help you in exploring each single file, folder, and directory of your android device so that you can easily make access to them. It is a fantastic app which offers you the best services and allows you to access and modify various files. To know more details on downloading and features can follow here.

Root Browser – Download Root Browser Apk 2017

Features Of Root Browser Lite,

Root Browser apk also gives you the best features which make it best among all. Some of the fantastic characters of the Root Browser apk are:Root Browser file manager features

  • It includes two file manager panels so as to enable you to get access to more Android applications.
  • It allows you to make modification in the current files such as copy, paste, delete, move, rename, zip etc.
  • It enables you to explore various internal files so as to provide you the best results.
  • It also allows you to make changes in the file permissions and ownerships.
  • It allows you to view or edit any file anytime.
  • It also allows you to change the theme of the files and folders by just making double tap at the home button.
  • Root Browser also allows you to create delete folders so as you can make access to different deleted files or folders.
  • It also helps in adding new files and folders to any dictionary.
  • You can bookmark any folder so that whenever you want to get access to that particular folder, you can easily get that.
  • Root Browser also helps you to execute script files so that you can make changes in them.
  • It allows you to sort different records and folders according to their name, size, and date.
  • It provides you the list of files and folders with thumbnails for images so that you can easily access them.
  • The Root browser app also allows you to send various files through email.
  • Root browser also allows you to rename different records and folders.
  • It allows you to make clockwork recovery support for the zipped files and folders.
  • It also allows you to open and explore different records and folders along with the other documents and folders.
  • The root browser also includes search feature which allows you to search for different files and folders.

Root browser is a clone of one of the best file manager for rooted Android phones, that is called as Root Explorer – download root explorer apk from the official website.

How To Use Root Browser Apk?

The functioning of the Root Browser lite app is same as that of any file application manager. It includes a very user-friendly interface so that you can easily make access to each file, folder, and directory of your Android device. The Root browser works well with the rooted android devices. It includes various functions like tap, drag and selects multiple files side by side. Once you have drawn on a file you can perform different functions such as: Open with, Copy, Delete, Move, Rename, Archive, Properties, permissions, ownership, and create a shortcut. You can also use other file manager apps like Mixplorer app for Android to get started.Root browser lite

You can even change the permissions and ownership of the files and folders on your Android devices by just clicking on the purchase button. Creating alternative will form a new icon of that file, folder or directory on the home screen of your Android device. The various functions of this android app are self-explanatory and describe the functions by their names. Remember Root Browser apk needs active root access to work perfectly, we highly recommend you to root your device using any one-click rooting apps like framaroot – download framaroot apk from the offocial webiste.

How to Download Root Browser APK for Android?

Root browser app is available at Google Play Store from where you can easily download it to your Android devices and can enjoy the unlimited fun. The process of downloading and installation of this Android app is very easy and requires few minutes. For downloading the app from the Google Play Store you just have to select the desired version from the list of options provided by the app and click on the download option which will automatically launch the Root browser to your Android device.

The process will take a fraction of the time. Once the download has been completed, you can easily manage different files and folders on your Android devices. Open the root browser apk and just click on the desired function which you want to perform.

Download Root Browser

  1. Download the root browser apk from the above link.
  2. Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable or tick “Unknown sources” to install the root browser app.
  3. Navigate to the downloads folder & locate rootbrowser.apk.
  4. Open the file and tap next.
  5. Click install followed by doing!

That’s now you have successfully installed Root browser apk in your Android device.!


Root browser apk perfect app which works as the other file managers and hence helps in editing various functions of the files, folders, and directories. It can even change the permissions and the ownerships of the preinstalled apps, create a shortcut for the files, move, create, delete, and rename files. It is free of cost app which is the best competitor for the Root Explorer app. It includes a very user-friendly and minimalistic interface so that you can easily access different files and folders from your Android devices.

Root browser apk supports different versions of the Android devices. It also supports cloud support and can be easily installed from the Google Play Store. It is a perfect app in the market which allows you to perform various functions as a file manager in just one click. It is a fantastic app which you will surely love at first glance.

Root Browser is a fantastic file browser that’s very useful for anyone with a rooted device. It offers everything a good Android file explorer should, along with a bunch of extra features.

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